Recruitment Process

Brief & Requirements

If you have a position to fill, we can arrange to meet with you to discuss your brief or you can simply register your vacancy online by completing the "Employers register your vacancy" section.

Job Description

We assist in writing a job description, if you don’t already have one because vacancies can't be filled successfully unless the job has been accurately defined in the first place.

Job Specification

We assist in writing down the qualities you are looking for in a person to fill the job that is vacant. This includes the knowledge, experience and skills you would like them to have.


We market the position(s) through a variety of channels which can include the website and associated job boards, the local press, local radio and our window displays, to ensure we source only the highest quality candidates.

Telephone Screening

We conduct telephone interview or candidate screen allows to determine if the candidate's qualifications, experience, workplace preferences and salary needs are congruent with the position and organisation.

Formal In depth interview

We filter through suitable candidates to make sure you see only the very best through face to face detailed interviews.

Reference Check

 All our applicants produces proof of address, personal identification, bank details ,validity that allows them to work and all these information are made available to clients once an employment contract is signed and agreed.

Induction & Training

Once the vacancy is filled we make sure the successful candidate is fully briefed on the job and your organisation and continue to support you with our aftercare service.