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It will be immediately passed on to our initial assessment personnel. They will view and assess your potential and suitability for the position you have applied for and within a few days get back to you informing you of the result of the assessment.

If you are successful, we will invite you for an interview with one of our consultants. This might also include numerical or psychological or practical testing. This is to assess your strengths and any area that might require further development.

You will also have a one to one interview, where you can have the opportunity to tell us your expectations and we can also discuss with you what our clients are looking for.If you are successful with the second assessment, you will be invited for a few hours training on the position so as to equip you with the basic requirement of the position and general grooming expectations.

After this, you will be registered with us and ready for placement into any suitable vacancy.

We are quite different from other agencies because we are committed to each and everyone registered with us and we take the time to ensure we have a good understanding of our applicant's desires therefore having a balanced approach of both satisfying our clients and applicants.

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