How to Effectively Motivate your Employees Certificate


How to Effectively Motivate your Employees Certificate

Employee motivation is pivotal to a company’s success. Workers who enjoy their jobs are more productive and more willing to put in extra effort and take fewer sick days. A motivated workforce contributes to a positive company culture, which in turn attracts talented employees and reduces turnover.

This course provides an introduction to the mechanics of employee motivation, the factors that encourage people to give their best at work, and how to increase worker motivation. You will learn two theories of motivation and how they can be translated into everyday management practice.

You Will Learn:

  • Why organisations must take the issue of employee motivation seriously and how motivation can be understood using the ERG and Goal Setting models.
  • How these theories can help us understand what really motivates employees and how managers can put these insights into practice.
  • How to show appreciation to your employees and why traditional recognition schemes may not be effective.
  • How and why employee involvement boosts motivation and the merits of the Tell, Sell, Consult and Join model as a decision-making framework.
  • How to promote an enjoyable, inspiring and inclusive work environment that encourages a healthy work-life balance.

Benefits Of Taking This Course

  • You will develop a general understanding of employee motivation, which is invaluable if you work in a management position.
  • You will be able to help disengaged employees regain their motivation, thus improving company performance.
  • You will be able to prevent absenteeism and high turnover by promoting a healthy workplace environment.
  • You will be able to make practical recommendations regarding employee motivation at all levels of your organisation.
  • You will learn how to collaborate with employees to improve workplace processes and policies in a way that enhances everyone’s job satisfaction.


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